Investment Experts

December 19, 2023

Dustin Poland

Dustin is Trailblazer Technology’s Vice President of Sales. Dustin is an industry veteran who began his career as a claims representative with Safeco over 20 years ago. For over a decade, he has solved enterprise technology needs across...
Brad Krawczyk (1)
January 19, 2023

Brad Krawczyk

Brad is a Senior Solutions Architect at Trailblazer Technology who is a quality-driven and dynamic professional with over 15 years of experience.  His greatest successes are based on excellence in customer service delivery, process automation, workflow optimization, and...
Artboard – 1
December 12, 2022

Sam Griffith

Sam is a Senior Sales Executive at Trailblazer Technology with 16 years of experience in enterprise technology sales including many years focused on insurance core-systems. Sam’s expert perspective empowers clients to examine their business in new ways, unlocking...
Jeremy Moore
December 12, 2022

Sam Wagner

Sam is a Frontend Engineer at Trailblazer Technology. He specializes in building out frontend solutions, proving technical support, and an exceptional customer experience. Prior to Trailblazer, Sam served as a Senior Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton and the...
Pierce Pope
October 21, 2022

Perice Pope

Perice is a Senior Data Engineer at Trailblazer Technology. He is an expert in cloud data migration, data modeling, and implementing ETL solutions. Perice has delivered support throughout the development lifecycle, from capture to integration and usage across...
Jeremy Moore
August 24, 2022

Jeremy Moore

Jeremy is a Senior Software Engineer at Trailblazer Technology. He has two decades of experience designing and building large, scalable Web applications in private and government sectors including insurance, financial, and health.  His vast background brings innovative, client-focused...
August 11, 2022

Matt Kinley

Matt serves as a Director on Trailblazer’s Board. Matt is Founding Partner of ManchesterStory Group. Matt is an experienced venture capital investor with more than 25 years of lead investor experience during his tenure at ManchesterStory and Pappajohn...
August 11, 2022

Jason Gross

Jason serves as VP and Head of Platform at ManchesterStory. Jason facilitates Trailblazer’s access to ManchesterStory’s network of Insurance company LPs and their vast array of Insurtech portfolio companies. Jason brings a wealth of insurance technology expertise and...
August 11, 2022

Tracey Glass

Tracey is a Software Engineer and Product Manager at Trailblazer Technology with a decade of insurance technology expertise. Tracey’s experience spans software development and systems implementation providing her a depth of understanding of our customers’ needs along with...
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