Small Insurers in the US write more than $100 Billion in P&C premium

Yet core system providers don’t care enough to build solutions for you. That’s why we created Trailblazer Technology. Our solutions are purpose built for smaller insurers.

Event-Driven ∙ Microservices ∙ Serverless Architecture ∙ Point and Click Configuration ∙ Purpose-Built Applications

Each Trailblazer product delivers value both as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated suite. Our modern product suite was built with point and click configurability, ease of use and affordability in mind. As a serverless SaaS platform, our suite adapts ss the landscape evolves—incorporating product enhancements and updates seamlessly, ensuring no disruption or expensive upgrades.



Trailblazer’s infrastructure and products are built upon the most modern cloud-technology and methods available.

  • Our uncoupled architecture allows for code to change without impacting other parts of the application
  • Event-driven means no wasted resources, resiliency and scalability
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is a futureproof suite of solutions with
optimized functionality and cost efficiency

Implementation Configuration

Easy Implementation And Configuration

With Trailblazer you don’t need a sophisticated IT department or an expensive 3rd party implementation consultant.

Onscreen user tools for:

  • Self-serve No-code configuration tools
  • Rules deployment
  • Workflow deployment
  • Incremental deployment
  • Constant system improvements
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Reduced Cost

Reduced Cost

Our technology and our business model ensure low cost for smaller insurers.

  • Pay only for what is used
  • Reduced upgrade overhead
  • Reduced maintenance overhead
  • Straightforward service model