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Small is the new big!

Core solutions for
small insurers

We believe: All insurance professionals deserve amazing tools and consistent innovation regardless of the size of their organization

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  1. a pioneer; an innovator.
    “A trailblazer with the courage and creativity to see opportunity where others saw obstacles:”
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How is Trailblazer so affordable for small insurers?

How can I avoid implementation nightmares?
Trailblazer’s products each operate independently or as a suite and they are purpose-built to solve specific use cases using the best available technology for the task at hand.

As future needs and technology emerge, updates are implemented without impact to the rest of the suite.
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A Comprehensive
Core-Systems Suite
For Insurers

Use all of Trailblazer’s products as a suite, or
mix-and-match with any 3rd party solutions.

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We Are Insurance Technology Experts

Trailblazer’s team is comprised of deeply experienced
Insurtech experts from across the industry.

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