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Greetings, Fellow Trailblazers,

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Summer 2023 has been a huge leap forward for the Trailblazer Technology Community. In our last newsletter, I promised that an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation would remain our north star as we fill in the rest of the Trailblazer Core Platform. With Trailblazer-Portal and Trailblazer-Billing deployed to production we continued our journey building Trailblazer-Rating with a deep commitment to configurability, automation and seamless integration with Trailblazer-Portal providing agents with instantaneous quotes when submitting applications through Trailblazer-Portal. Please ask your Trailblazer Technology representative for a demonstration of Trailblazer-Rating along with Trailblazer-Portal and Trailblazer-Billing at your earliest convenience!

Aaron Shapiro
Aaron Shapiro

Product Update
From Trailblazer

Trailblazer’s platform continues to expand as planned.
Trailblazer-Rating is now now available for demonstrations!!! The product is nearing production completion and our first customer implementations are getting underway.

Trailblazer-Rating delivers end-to-end functionality for all aspects of rating with a modern easy to use interface for building, testing and maintaining your rate tables, formulas and more.
Portal Billing
Trailblazer-Rating & Trailblazer-Portal couple together to offer your agents a fast modern interface to submit policy applications and review instantaneous quotes.

Taking the friction out of the submission process means agents will want to bring more of their business to you!


Policy Admin
Trailblazer-Policy Admin.’s design focuses on your efficiency!
Our solutions will provide small and mid-sized insurers with highly automated, modern tools for all aspects of policy administration from issuance to renewals and reinstatements. With Trailblazer-Policy Admin. complete in Q4, Many of Trailblazer’s clients plan to sunset their legacy platforms entirely and use Trailblazer’s Core-System Suite exclusively.

Employee Spotlight

Steve Haney


Steve is a Senior Software Engineer at Trailblazer Technology. He is a skilled insurance technology expert with two decades of expertise in delivering innovative technology solutions to clients.