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2023 Q1 was a very exciting time for the Trailblazer Technology Community. In this edition of our newsletter, we are thrilled to share updates about our products, our customers, and our community of Trailblazers who are driving our success.

Trailblazer’s colleagues are insurance people. We understand that our software must deliver the depth and flexibility required to match your business process without custom code and without compromises in your operations. We know this because our colleagues have spent virtually their whole careers focused on the insurance industry. In fact, our colleagues have an average tenure in insurance of 15 years. Collectively, we’ve lived a century of insurance business challenges.

One of the biggest challenges we’ve observed is smaller insurers stuck with “half baked” solutions that force them to twist their operations into inefficient “work-arounds” or invest in expensive, fragile software customizations. We are intent on fixing this for small sized P&C insurers.

We have been deliberate in our approach to building deep flexibility and functionality into each product before moving on to the next. The result is: immediately useful production products like Trailblazer-Portal and Trailblazer-Billing. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation will continue to be our north star as we fill in the rest of the Trailblazer Core Platform with Trailblazer-Rating and Trailblazer-Policy Admin.

Aaron Shapiro
Aaron Shapiro

Product Update
From Trailblazer

Trailblazer’s platform continues to expand as planned.
With Trailblazer-Portal in production use, we will continue to add new capabilities regularly. This means Insurers in the Trailblazer Community will consistently deliver more and more value to their agents and policy holders.
Trailblazer-Billing is now available for demonstrations!!! The product is nearing production completion and our first customer implementations are getting underway. Trailblazer-Billing delivers end-to-end functionality for every aspect of invoicing and payment collection with a modern user experience and cutting edge automation.
Portal Billing
Trailblazer-Billing & Trailblazer-Portal couple together to offer a smooth ecosystem for your policy holders, agents and in-house colleagues leading to fast, efficient billing and quick easy payment!
Epay Trailblazer

Partnership Announcement

Trailblazer-Portal’s payment solutions are now fully integrated with ePayPolicy providing secure, cutting edge payment solutions directly within Trailblazer-Portal for online payments via credit card and ACH. With Trailblazer-Portal, you can even automate paper check processing via our partnership with ePayPolicy. Just like Trailblazer Technology, ePayPolicy was built by veteran insurance professionals for the insurance industry. ePayPolicy is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to move money for insurance. More than 5,500 insurance companies trust ePayPolicy to handle their payments every day.



Trailblazer-Rating’s Design
Focuses On You And Your Agents!

Our solutions will provide agents with immediate access to quick quotes via Trailblazer-Portal, while simultaneously routing these opportunities to your underwriters for further underwriting workflows when required. You can expect a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of rating including: dynamic question sets, electronic delivery, custom formatting of quotes, custom retro rating, xMod calculations and so much more!

Employee Spotlight

Meet Tracey Glass

Product Manager and Software Developer