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It is a true pleasure to introduce this inaugural edition of our Trailblazer Technology News Letter. These newsletters will generally contain updates about our products, our customers, our colleagues (we call ourselves Trailblazers) along with other noteworthy happenings.

In my experience over nearly 30 years, Enterprise Software companies like Trailblazer Technology succeed when customers are exceedingly happy with the outcome of using our products and services. That means we must deliver exceptional products and best in class customer support. The best way I know of to ensure this result is to establish a community of amazing colleagues with a shared commitment to our customers and to each other. Lots of organizations think of themselves as an “Organization” or a “Company”. At Trailblazer, we are a COMMUNITY.

Aaron Shapiro
Aaron Shapiro
Community (1)

1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in commo

2. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. *Oxford

Let’s Start With Trailblazer’s Core Purpose Or Common Goal. Using Simon Sinek’s Concept Of A Golden Circle Working From The Inside-Out:


The Why

The inner most ring is the Why, or what we believe. We believe that all insurance professionals regardless of the size of their organization should have access to amazing tools and consistent innovation.


The How

The middle ring is the How, or what makes our approach special. Trailblazer delivers amazing tools and consistent innovation to all insurance professionals by designing our products utilizing the best tools and design strategies available for each and every business task, and as even better methods become available, we are quick to replace components with next generation solutions that continue to add to the fabulousness, while constantly reducing our customers’ cost burden.


The What

The outer ring is the What, or what we actually sell: Trailblazer sells Core-systems solutions designed to deliver deep configurability, comprehensive functionality and elegant user experience. Trailblazer’s solutions are cost efficient and easy to deploy.

Now let’s move to our view of priority, or using the dictionary definition from above, our common attitudes

Every single Trailblazer must be consistently exceptional! What I mean here is that each and every one of us must strive to over-perform virtually every single day. This is different than someone who every once in a while has a big week or big month where they put in the extra effort and achieve something great. We will be a growth culture continuously without slowing down for many years. This means that we need to fill our community with people who can over-deliver day after day for prolonged periods measured in months and years. The overachievement that I’m talking about isn’t measured in how many hours someone works. It’s measured in PASSION. Putting in the extra effort at Trailblazer shouldn’t feel like extra. It needs to be an organic part of the personal makeup of all Trailblazers. We are recruiting the type of people who think of the work they do as an important part of their identity. One should be so excited about delivering an exceptional result for our customers that extra effort doesn’t feel, well… doesn’t feel like “EXTRA.”

A Trailblazer is someone who can’t help but put in the extra effort to make our customers and fellow colleagues successful. It’s just who we are innately. Trailblazers are people who strive for their best consistently in most parts of their life!

Employee Spotlight

Richard Mathis

Senior Software Architect

Richard is a Senior Software Architect at Trailblazer Technology with two decades of bringing business solutions from simple concepts to polished solutions. Prior to Trailblazer Richard was the CTO of Insurium (formerly CHSI).

Product Update From Trailblazer

Trailblazer-Portal is complete and in implementation for multiple Trailblazer customers. Trailblazer-Portal includes incredible on-screen configuration tools for customers to set up and modify screens, data models, rules, and so much more.

The features include all of the critical functionality our Insurers wish to deliver to their Agents and their Policy Holders including online-applications, Employer wage Self-reporting, electronic payments, flexible dashboards with book of business analytics, policy and claim review, Agency customized marketing documents, FAQs … and more! Trailblazer-Portal is easily integrated with additional Trailblazer products, or with your legacy Core-system as needed.

Trailblazer Portal


Many small insurers don’t even use their current legacy Core-system for billing activities. These old systems are too rigid, or too difficult to use. These insurers are thus forced to use a messy mixture of spreadsheets, emails and paper documents to manage their billing process. Trailblazer Technology has consulted with many of these small insurers in order to design the ideal billing solution delivering easy to use functionality, highly configurable workflows, sophisticated rules-based automation and on-screen configuration tools.
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