Trailblazer-Rating™ puts massive flexibility, speed and automation, in the palm of your hand with easy to use on-screen configuration tools.

Integrated with Trailblazer-Portal™, Trailblazer-Rating™ drives real-time quoting for your agents or even direct to insurance buyers.
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Quick Quote

Trailblazer’s rules-based rating engine generates real-time quotes directly from submissions.

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Customizable Quote Documentation To Match Your Exact Format And Branding

With Trailblazer-Rating™, the sky’s the limit. Retain formatting from your existing quote documents for continuity or get creative new graphics and layout to improve agent and customer experience.

Group 1013

Rate Table Management

Create new rate tables in minutes and edit them in seconds!

Group 1002

Rating Formulas

Take full control of your rating rules with powerful scripting, testing and versioning tools on-screen.

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The Trailblazer-Platform provides a rich foundation of configuration and base functionality for all of our products.

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