Trailblazer-Billing™ delivers the automation and capabilities your finance department has been dreaming of for years.

Integrated with Trailblazer-Portal, Trailblazer-Billing is the end-to end
solution to all aspects of invoicing and collections.


Create invoices in seconds. The system provides powerful formulas and rules so you never need to do any math or work in external spreadsheets again.

Payment schedules can be added to any invoice, even after the invoice has been delivered.

Customized Invvoice

Customized Invoice PDFs To Match Your Exact Format And Branding

With Trailblazer-Billing™, the sky’s the limit. Retain existing invoice formatting for policy holder continuity or get creative with new graphics and layout to improve customer experience.

Invoice Rules

Invoice Rules

Take full control of all invoice rules without ever calling a programmer.

Create invoice numbering rules that allow you to capture any data element inside or outside the invoice, control scheduling, automatic email content, and more.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Empower your agents to quickly manage customer accounts. Now they can keep track of all payments and upcoming installments at a glance. See invoices due, past due balancesand payments made.

Protect customer experience while also protecting your bottom line!

Online Payments

Online Payments

Trailblazer-Billing integrates with Trailblazer-Portal providing an integrated user experience for electronic payments via our integration with Trailblazer’s Preferred-Partner ePayPolicy. Trailblazer clients get the benefit of group purchasing for low rates with ePayPolicy.

This integration provides secure, cutting-edge payment solutions directly within the Trailblazer-Portal user interface for online payments via credit card and ACH. With Trailblazer Portal, you can even automate paper check processing directly into your portal via our partnership with ePayPolicy.



The Trailblazer-Platform™ provides a rich foundation of configuration and base functionality for all of our products.

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