Policy Admin

Manage every aspect of the policy lifecycle in Trailblazer-Policy Admin™. Our powerful rules engine, intuitive workflows and full integration with Rating, Billing, Portal and Claims make policy administration a breeze.

Integrate Trailblazer-Policy Admin™ with Trailblazer-Portal™, Trailblazer-Rating™ and Trailblazer-Billing™, for the end-to end Policy Core-System Suite you’ve been waiting for.
Group 1025


  • Review, Approve, Deny And Trigger Other Workflows Instantly.
  • All Underwriting Activities Synchronize Real Time With Your Agent/Policyholder Portal.
Group 1026

Bind in Seconds

Bind your policies and automatically generate all documents for delivery to your agents and policyholders.

Group 1036


  • Rules Driven Endorsements
  • Instantly Quote Endorsements
  • Automatically Generate And Issue Invoices With Pro-Rata Calculations
Group 1028

Renewals With a Click or in Batch

  • Renew Individual Policies
  • Renew Policies In Batch (Ideal For Self-Insured Groups And Pools!)
Group 1040


  • Create Complex Triggers And Automated Actions Without Custom Programming
  • Build Complex Filter Rules
Group 1048


  • Manage Your Agencies
  • Manage Agents
  • Manage Policyholders
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The Trailblazer-Platform provides a rich foundation of configuration and base functionality for all
of our products.

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  • How Can I Avoid Implementation Nightmares?