Sam Griffith

Working at a computer
August 22, 2023

Modernizing Your Insurance Tech Stack: 5 Myths Demystified

Let’s walk through each concern and uncover the underlying truth. Myth 1: It’s Going to Cost a Boatload This is the number one objection small insurers have to modernizing their tech stack. Coupled with the “our technology is...
Person At A Computer
March 10, 2023

Accelerate Your Insurance Technology Software Stack

Why Not Fixing What Isn’t Broken is Key to Success It’s no secret that insurance software can be intimidating. While it may seem tempting to leave it alone, the truth is that slowing down on tech adoption can...
Insurance Technology
January 13, 2023

7 Benefits of Modern Insurance Technology For Small Insurance Carriers in 2023

By Sam Griffith If you’re in the insurance industry, you’ve heard the term InsurTech become increasingly popular over recent years.  Short for ‘insurance technology’, big insurance corporations jumped on board early with InsurTech to transform dated systems and...